This year, Beechwood's RtI program hit the ground running! Interventions started on the 6th day of school! In the past, we waited until after the first round of Universal Screenings, which delayed service to children. Last May, our RtI Coach established groups and a schedule prior to leaving for summer break. This allowed services to begin while the first Universal Screenings were taking place. We are now in our third round of interventions. This forethought and and planning was one of the best things we done to improve our RtI model. 

Middle School interventions are FINALLY up and running. We now have three groups meeting daily for 20 minutes. These groups focus on phonics (multi-syllabic words and prefixes/suffixes/roots), vocabulary, and fluency. To accomplish this task, we revised our schedule and worked in a sustained silent reading block for students not receiving interventions. We also allocated our PE and RtI teacher to push in during this time. First round of data should be read prior to Winter Break. In addition, we have added a 7th period Study Hall under the direction of Julia Barr as a place to support our intentional non-learners.

We are thankful for the full-time RtI coach. She is not only providing direct service to children, but she is coaching and designing interventions that are delivered by classroom teachers. She is overseeing our SST process and has been instrumental in training teachers on the types of data that should be brought to the table. 

Click here to vIew the number of students by grade level for Round 1 of interventions and to see the percentage of students for which the intervention was successful. Round 2 data will be entered on December 11th.

We have also designed a way to communicate progress on individual students. This is particularly helpful for our SST team. Click here to see the Progress Monitoring Data for Round 2.

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