Cooper, R. (August 6, 2015) Reimagining Classroom Walkthroughs [Blog Post]. Retrieved from

I love the beginning of the school year. We as educators get a chance to reinvent ourselves again and again. As I reflect on years past, I notice a pattern that I definitely need to break. In the beginning of the year, I am ever-so-good at making the "daily rounds". Every classroom, every day is my motto through to October. Then, without fail, classroom visits seem to taper off. Why is that? I could make up excuses about the pace of the school year, the unending onslaught of reports due, and the pile of paperwork that I won't see the bottom of until June. Each of these would be completely valid. 

In this blog post, Cooper asserts five critical elements that I can incorporate: Summarize the visit, aim for specific questions rather than general statements, give targeted feedback that coincides with school/district initiatives, provide a forum for the teacher to respond, and include multimedia.

After reading this article, I have a new plan. By reimagining the walkthrough tool I use to give feedback to teachers and evaluate school initiatives, I can make this a meaningful process that begs for my attention.

Here's the google form I plan to use. It is set up to automatically send feedback to the teacher. If you have suggestions for improvement, please comment below...