This year Beechwood completed 4 rounds of pull-out interventions involving Kindergarten through 8th grade students in addition to providing lesson plans and resources for Tier 2 teachers and students.  The first round of interventions began with 86 tier 3 students.  Out of 83 students 99% made progressive growth or proficiency towards their goals.  One student in kindergarten was referred for Spec. Ed. services and qualified.  The second round of interventions consisted of 65 tier 3 K-8 students with up to 6 in a group.  In addition, we began an ELD group of 10 students.  Out of 65 students, 100% made proficiency or progressive growth toward their goals for interventions.  The third round of interventions was 54 Tier 2 and 3 students. Out of 54 students , one first grade student did not make adequate progress or growth which led to a SPED referral and qualified after SIT and round table meetings. 98% made proficiency or progressive growth toward their goals.  The fourth round of interventions are in place and are currently 49 students.  At this time 100% of students are making progressive growth or proficiency according to mastery measures and DIBELS (CBM) data.  Summatively, we have had many successes with interventions for Tier 3 students.  One of the biggest accomplishments are a group of students (6 total) who are 3rd ,4th, and 5th graders, who started learning letters and sounds in round 1, and are currently decoding and are very close to fluency goals and comprehension goals for grade level passages. Out of 5, 3 are third graders and are at grade level with decoding (close to fluency goals), two 4th graders decoding (one at fluency goal, the other close) with comprehension, and my 5th grader (her story is the one from District Board Meeting), who can decode 4th and 5th grade words with adequate fluency and comprehension.  All progress has been communicated all progress to parents, students, and the staff at large.

Our next steps include the following:

  1. We will continue to graph and celebrate successes with students, teachers, and parents.

  2. We will extend intervention learning time by developing a Google Classroom site for additional resources to access for students with flipped teaching model to include lessons for assignments to be accessed at home.

  3. We will purchase and support learning goals with more game based learning to help with engagement and motivation.
  4. We will utilize iReady as a diagnostic tool to better screen and track growth.

I am so proud of the teamwork that our staff has exhibited in efforts to meet the needs of each individual child.