Want to transform your pedagogy using engaging packaging? This little book is a surprisingly easy read with pictures and diagrams throughout. You COULD read it cover to cover in the time it takes to get your hair done at the salon, but you would be missing the density and richness with which Highfill, Hilton, and Landis intended for the reader. Have your QR code reader ready to get lost in some awesome and instantly implementable resources. 

The premise of this book is for educators to be guided through a process of repackaging lesson design using Google Apps to incorporate tons of digital content and to engage a wide range of learners. These HyperDocs can be used to personalize the learning experience, accommodating for Language Learners, students at risk, the GATE identified, and any other talent or uniqueness found in any particular classroom. This book is written clearly and concisely for beginning users of Google Apps, however, the content is so dense, Google Certified Educators will still walk away with great ideas. There are so many great examples that can be copied and modified. Others are joining this movement by posting to @TsgiveTs and #HyperDocs.

I had been exposed to HyperDocs previously. I'm a huge fan of Highfill and have attended many of her CUE presentations. I've been playing with HyperDocs as a mom and as an administrator. Here is a link to one of my first attempts. I was taking my son and nephew on a tour of the California Missions. In order to keep them engaged, I created this: Luke and Zachary's MISSION Mission. As an administrator, one of my first attempts at a HyperDoc is this Writing PLC Guide: Opinion/Argument.

On page 52 of this book, the authors outline 4 stages of HyperDoc creation. After reading the descriptions, I self-assessed to be only at Stage 2. My next steps will be to more clearly identify the learning cycle: Engage, Explore, Explain, Apply, Share, Reflect, Extend. I also want to play with packaging content using Google Slides or Google Forms. To achieve the Transformative stage, I"ll need to share what I create! Love the launch of the Teachers Give Teachers site. Looking forward to extending my learning!

To Highfill, Hilton, & Landis... Way to go, Ladies! This is a great tool for educators. Thanks for helping us to transform the work we do for kids!